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Summer of '84 (2018) - 13 outta 19 - SEE IT


Stranger Things started somewhat of a resurgence of 80’s inspired nostalgia porn and one of the latest boats on that wave is the film Summer of 84. Stranger things leaned heavily into the works of Spielberg where as Summer of 84 has more of a Fright Night vibe going on with a group of adolescent friends led by Tommy who is convinced that his neighbour is a serial killer that has been terrorising surrounding towns. The film features a lot of colour by numbers plot points of the genre but relies more on tension than on on-screen kills which is a pleasant difference. Absolutely loved the ending of the film which lifted it from an ok movie to a bit better than ok movie. So if you were a fan of 2017’s IT lower your expectations considerably and check out this film. 
13 outta 19