Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) - 8 Out Of 19 - FLEE IT


This was the first film I ever saw at the drive-in when I was a kid, it was played as the second film in a double feature with the Cher film Mermaids. I revisited it today for the first time and dang, time really makes you romanticise movies from your formative years. This movie has some awesome scenes broken up by long chunks of fucking boring! But that’s like having skittles sprinkled through dog shit; you’re not going to get excited about the skittles. Alan Rickman is a great contrast to Costner’s portrayal of cardboard but 2 hours and 40 minutes can eat one. Instead of revisiting this I recommend watching the Bryan Adams music video and then YouTube the bit Sean Connery shows up (yeah I forgot that too). Better yet watch that series with Baldrick from Black Adder as the Sheriff 8 outta 19