Venom (2018) - 12 out of 19 - SEE IT


Tom hardy takes a big leaf out of Vincent D'onofrio’s book from Men In Black in the latest offering from Marvel and Sony. Venom is the origin story of Eddie Brock turning into Venom and the biggest fault I have with it (other than Tom Hardy’s snaggletooth) is it falls into that in between nothingness when it comes to rating, surely the lesson of the Deadpool films is there is still room in the world for R rated superhero films and surely Venom is a prime candidate (a just want to see him eat heads). There’s a few poop jokes for kids and a Tootsie joke for cavemen?. The CGI and acting is above decent but the film is very stop start, for every ten minutes of action we get 40 minutes of talking. Michelle Williams is the best in the acting department but Tom’s tooth steals all the screen time.

12 outta 19