Mandy (2018) - 11 out of 19 - SEE IT


Cinema goers with 80's aesthetic boners are in for a real treat with Mandy, the latest film this week to star Nicolas Cage.

Cage has done crazy and over the top many times before but very rarely in recent years is it paired with him wanting to be there and I tell you what this seems like he was first to arrive and last to leave. Cage chews up every second of screen time with his wide eyed, face like someone farted. This film is a love letter to the murder-revenge-exploitation of the 70’s coupled with a slick visual style that looks like a David Lynch film had sex with a King Diamond album. it was a fun, Viceral throwback that the self-serious black metal/occult metal gronks (hi Matty) are sure to cream their flares over. 11 out of 19