Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) - 8 Out Of 19 - FLEE IT


This was the first film I ever saw at the drive-in when I was a kid, it was played as the second film in a double feature with the Cher film Mermaids. I revisited it today for the first time and dang, time really makes you romanticise movies from your formative years. This movie has some awesome scenes broken up by long chunks of fucking boring! But that’s like having skittles sprinkled through dog shit; you’re not going to get excited about the skittles. Alan Rickman is a great contrast to Costner’s portrayal of cardboard but 2 hours and 40 minutes can eat one. Instead of revisiting this I recommend watching the Bryan Adams music video and then YouTube the bit Sean Connery shows up (yeah I forgot that too). Better yet watch that series with Baldrick from Black Adder as the Sheriff 8 outta 19

Venom (2018) - 12 out of 19 - SEE IT


Tom hardy takes a big leaf out of Vincent D'onofrio’s book from Men In Black in the latest offering from Marvel and Sony. Venom is the origin story of Eddie Brock turning into Venom and the biggest fault I have with it (other than Tom Hardy’s snaggletooth) is it falls into that in between nothingness when it comes to rating, surely the lesson of the Deadpool films is there is still room in the world for R rated superhero films and surely Venom is a prime candidate (a just want to see him eat heads). There’s a few poop jokes for kids and a Tootsie joke for cavemen?. The CGI and acting is above decent but the film is very stop start, for every ten minutes of action we get 40 minutes of talking. Michelle Williams is the best in the acting department but Tom’s tooth steals all the screen time.

12 outta 19

Mandy (2018) - 11 out of 19 - SEE IT


Cinema goers with 80's aesthetic boners are in for a real treat with Mandy, the latest film this week to star Nicolas Cage.

Cage has done crazy and over the top many times before but very rarely in recent years is it paired with him wanting to be there and I tell you what this seems like he was first to arrive and last to leave. Cage chews up every second of screen time with his wide eyed, face like someone farted. This film is a love letter to the murder-revenge-exploitation of the 70’s coupled with a slick visual style that looks like a David Lynch film had sex with a King Diamond album. it was a fun, Viceral throwback that the self-serious black metal/occult metal gronks (hi Matty) are sure to cream their flares over. 11 out of 19

Summer of '84 (2018) - 13 outta 19 - SEE IT


Stranger Things started somewhat of a resurgence of 80’s inspired nostalgia porn and one of the latest boats on that wave is the film Summer of 84. Stranger things leaned heavily into the works of Spielberg where as Summer of 84 has more of a Fright Night vibe going on with a group of adolescent friends led by Tommy who is convinced that his neighbour is a serial killer that has been terrorising surrounding towns. The film features a lot of colour by numbers plot points of the genre but relies more on tension than on on-screen kills which is a pleasant difference. Absolutely loved the ending of the film which lifted it from an ok movie to a bit better than ok movie. So if you were a fan of 2017’s IT lower your expectations considerably and check out this film. 
13 outta 19

The Predator (2018) - 12 out of 19 - SEE IT

Ok, so The Predator is entertaining and no one writes a joke about female genitals like Shane Black however I’m 100% certain this film was a Netflix series cut into a movie. The editing in this film is atrocious and nothing about it looks cinematic. Tom Jane and Keegan Michael peel as comic relief is a yes, cgi big predator is a no. A surprising amount of Autism and neurological disorder jokes for a 2018 film. If you wanted to watch the predator films in order of best to worst you get to watch them in order they were released (crossovers not counted and Adrian Brodie sucks)
You should still see this film because then Shane Black might get to do a Predator vs Last Boy Scout crossover! 12 outta 19

The Happytime Murders (2018) 7 outta 19 - FLEE IT


The Happytime murders is painfully unfunny, if you’ve seen the trailers congrats you’ve seen the good of the film for free. Maya rudolf, Elizabeth banks and Joel McHale are all fine but I’ve honestly been to funnier funerals. If this film was an SNL actor it would be Al Franken. 6 out of 19

Also in the end credits they show the behind the scenes where the puppeteers just wore green morph suits and were digitally removed, Jim would not approve.

Upgrade (2018) - 14 out of 19 - SEE IT


Upgrade is an above decent Sci Fi film that is basically a big budget Episode of Black Mirror. It's well paced and at times captures the vibe of the work of John Carpenter which is pretty cool coming from the latter day host of Recovery. The Kills are cool and of a Robocop-opening level of violence. The only real issues I had with the film were firstly it felt kinda like a greatest hits of other sci-fi film tropes and secondly the story kinda moved along too straight forwardly which never felt like the stakes rise at any point. I give this film 13 out of 19. oh and some of The cast went to the Sam Worthington school of Accents


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) 9 outta 19 - FLEE IT


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a greatest hits compilation of all the previous films. some of it was enjoyable but then they shoe horn unnecessary fan service in. Don't get me wrong it doesn't suck but it all feels like a link movie between the last and where they are headed in future films. Chris Pratt puts in a fantastic audition as Indiana Jones in a scene that sees him trying to overcome the affects of a tranq dart while lying in the path of running lava. Buffalo Bill and Richie Cunningham jr are both decent. If nothing else see this film for James Cromwell's dream house and a docking scene (ha) that is worth the price of admission. i give this one 9 out of 19