Casey’s Shit Cinema

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mannequin (1987)

It's been a long time (and a lot of bad movies) between reviews, but I was inspired last night after watching 1987's offering, Mannequin.
Within the first few minutes of a white blonde American english-speaking ancient Egyptian travelling through time to find love into a animated opening sequence, I knew I was in for something special.


Mac and me (1988)

1988's 'Mac And Me' fullfilled the promise of being one of the "worst films ever made", as well as being a complete rip-off of E.T The Extra Terrestrial, and apparently a thinly veiled advertisement for McDonalds restaurant and Coca-Cola. Going in, I was anticipating cheesy dialogue, and lots of product placements. What I wasn't ready for was terrifying gross mute alien puppet things that were just nightmare material, even as a fully grown adult watching in 2016.



I'm gonna start straight out by saying that for a movie I loved as a child, I really did not enjoy this film as an adult in 2016 and I wholeheartedly apologise to my parents for making them repeatedly hire the VHS. Even the opening theme song is annoying.


Ed (1996)

Now if there's anything the 90's film industry loved to do, it was to mismatch people with monkeys for a hilarity-filled series of mishaps. This film does that and more. Just when you think its on the verge of being the shittest movie you've ever sat through, BAM, the hits just keep coming.

Hercules In New York

I don't even know where to begin on this one, honestly. You just have to see this film. Those of you that know me know that I am somewhat of a 'shit' connoisseur, and even I was just absolutely dumbfounded at this one. Let's begin

The Room (2003)

I think it's official that Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film 'The Room' is the official "Shit Cinema" title holder. There's no point even going over, everyone just has to experience it.