The Best of the Worst and the Worst of the Best of all things film....


Dave's Video Graveyard is a 3 Headed monster consisting of a weekly film review podcast, A self-important YouTube channel and a live weekly radio show broadcast on 100.5 Wowfm out of Adelaide in Australia.

Starting out as a live weekly radio show by Dave McLennan in June 2017 DVG soon grew with the addition of Grant Bennett who was born into a family of avid film fans with his father the creator and curator of the infamous Mad Max Museum in Silverton, NSW. Sadly in late 2017 Grant had to relocate and leave the show and was succeeded by Paul Lumsden who has remained with the show and was the instigator of the Podcast part of the show.

Fast forward to 2019 where Casey Cumming joined the show bringing a wealth of terrible film knowledge



Each week Dave and Paul take turns choosing a film to talk shit about, sometimes the films are their old favorites but in most cases they poick films just to spite the other.  

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dvg on wowfm

Every Monday night join Dave and Paul with their live radio show on Adelaide's 100.5 WOWFM. Broadcast live from Semaphore, South Australia.  

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The Droste Effect is Casey’s weekly radio show that airs tuesdays 11:00am ACST on Three D Radio 93.7fm

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